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      LGPL · fef27058
      Jean-Baptiste Kempf authored
      Re-license almost all the playback modules to LGPLv2.1+ with
      authorization from their respective contributors (230+)
      This includes:
       - access, codec, packetizers, demux
       - audio filters, audio mixers, audio output
       - video filters, video chroma, video output
       - text renderers
       - XML parser
       - ARM NEON and SSE2 optimisations (mostly for chromas and filters)
      Some modules are not concerned:
       - BDA and DShow access modules because Manol Manolov is AWOL
       - Real RTSP, because it is derived from Xine
       - x264 and t140 because they are encoders only
       - DLL Loader, because it is derived from MPlayer
       - DTS packetizer, because Jon Lech Johansen is AWOL
       - Shine and WMAfixed, because they are derived from Rockbox
       - Real demuxer, as it is derived from MPlayer and Wang Bo is AWOL
       - MPC demuxer, as Yavor Doganov is AWOL
       - Tivo demuxer, because it is derived from an MPlayer fork
       - Playlist demuxer, (WPL and ZPL parts missing), because suheaven is AWOL
       - iOS audio output and video display, because author refuses the license change
       - Equalizer and compressor, because Ronald Wright is AWOL
       - Mono, Headphone and Dolby, because author refuses the license change
       - hqdn3d and yadif, because they are from MPlayer/libavfilter
       - remoteosd, because it derives from RealVNC code
       - MMX optimisations, because Ollie Lho, from SiS, is AWOL
       - Rotate, because it depends on GPL motion
      Nota Bene:
       - Some modules depend on GPL-only libraries, a LGPL module does not mean
         that the resulting binary module will be LGPL.
         Libraries affected would include liba52, libdvdcss, libdvdnav, libdvdread,
         faad2, libdca, libmad, libmpeg2, libpostproc, SRC, sid, zvbi and probably others.
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      DVB: remove access · 955ea1e9
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      This temporarily removes CAM support (which was reportedly broken a few
      days ago). Scan is left for the time being.
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      Added DVB scan capability. · 7e34273a
      Laurent Aimar authored
      Only DVB-T tuner is supported (but it would be easy to add DVB-S/C).
      The files scan.c/h are strictly independant of the DVB access and could
      be reused for the DBA access if wanted.
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      Support for CAM modules on dvb-s cards using the high-level CI api from · 2e68c45b
      Sigmund Augdal Helberg authored
      linux-dvb. This currently mean Twinhan cards and clones.
      There are three compile time switches currently available to people who 
      want to test this:
      RESET_CAM_SLOTS can be defined to 0 to disable the CA_RESET call at 
      startup. This greatly improves startup time for my cam at least. 
      HLCI_WAIT_CAM_READY can be defined to 1 to enable a loop that waits 
      untill the cam module is ready. This may take a long time (at least if 
      RESET_CAM_SLOTS is set), and does not happen at all under some error 
      CAM_PROG_MAX is a limit on the number of programs the code will send 
      CAPMT messages for. This can be used to work around buggy cam/card 
      combos that have issues when too many capmts are added.
      Hopefully this doesn't break the low level CAM support
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      * modules/access/dvb: · 596d0665
      Christophe Massiot authored
        - Rewrote QPSK frontend tuning functions, after reading the doc - it
          should hopefully fix the infamous "Operation not permitted" problem.
        - Permanently monitor the frontend status, and reinit it if it crashes.
        - New --dvb-high-voltage option for very long cables.
        - Moved all EN 50 221-related code from ts.c to en50221.c. We no longer
          need the --ts-capmt-sysid option because the sysid is determined
          automatically from the CAM.
        - Also changed the way we send the CAPMTs to the CAM, hoping to fix a bug
          with Aston professional CAMs which all of sudden stop descrambling
          a program after a few days.
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      * modules/access/dvb: Major rewrite of the code. · f12d6405
      Christophe Massiot authored
        - new options (now prepended with --dvb) :
           --dvb-program : to work around the non-working --program
           --dvb-inversion : to (optionally) specify the inversion, which is not
                             the same as polarization
           --dvb-budget-mode : if you have a budget card this will set a filter
                               on 0x2000, meaning all PIDs will be returned by
                               the driver. The budget-mode is compatible with demux2.
           --dvb-satno : to specify a sat number in the diseqc system
           --dvb-voltage : to specify the voltage of the LNB (0 is a permitted
                           value in special configurations)
           --dvb-tone : to enable/disable the 22kHz tone (by default it is sent
                        if frequency >= lnb-slof)
        - fixed a handful of QPSK tuning bugs, especially the diseqc was not
          working and frequencies above 11700 couldn't be tuned to.
        - the modules now uses the inherited object variables for its
        - symbol-rate= url option is now srate= for consistency with the
          configuration variable.
        - all linux-dvb specific code is now in linux_dvb.c. access.c contains
          only code which could be reused on other platforms.
        - better keep track of demux file descriptors (especially useful on
          limited boards).
        - do not block in read() when no data is available.
        - fixed msleep() calls (reminder : mtime_t is in _microseconds_).
      I didn't test the QAM and OFDM variants, so please report.
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