1. 28 Aug, 2003 7 commits
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      · 6c7682e3
      gbazin authored
      * src/video_output/*, src/libvlc.h, include/video_output.h: added an --align option to allow modifying the alignment of a video inside its window (very useful for the wall filter).
      * modules/video_output/x11/xcommon.c: small cosmetic change.
      * modules/access/v4l/v4l.c: clean-up (removed old references to encoders).
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      * standard : · 4fd953bd
      Laurent Aimar authored
       - when muxer or access or both are missing try to do a guess (based on the
       other one or the extention).
       - if both are still missing -> abort.
       - it forces asfh when using mmsh
       - it issues a error message with non working couple (like udp/avi, ...)
       (but it doesn't fail)
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      · 881e69ce
      gbazin authored
      * Makefile.am: zip files have a .zip extension ;)
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      · d5714f96
      gbazin authored
      * Makefile.am: grrr, should have tested my last commit ;)
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      · fc17d875
      gbazin authored
      * Makefile.am: added a "package-win32-exe" and "package-win32-zip" rule. "package-win32" will do both.
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      * src/misc/threads.c, include/vlc_threads.h: Removed the pthread wrapper for · 695659b3
      Sam Hocevar authored
        gprof. If you still want to profile pthread applications using gprof please
        see http://sam.zoy.org/writings/programming/gprof.html and also consider
        using oprofile if you are using ia32.
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      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*, src/playlist/playlist.c,... · d46439c5
      gbazin authored
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*, src/playlist/playlist.c, modules/video_output/directx/events.c: got rid of the "Close Menu" popup menu item in the wxwindows interface.
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*: updated the stream output dialog.
  2. 27 Aug, 2003 8 commits
  3. 26 Aug, 2003 10 commits
  4. 25 Aug, 2003 9 commits
  5. 24 Aug, 2003 6 commits