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one more fix :) -- courmisch approved ...

parent 0fe7062c
......@@ -303,6 +303,7 @@ static void Init( intf_thread_t *p_intf )
wxEntry( i_args, p_args );
setlocale( LC_NUMERIC, "C" );
/* following functions are local */
......@@ -332,24 +333,8 @@ bool Instance::OnInit()
/* Initialization of i18n stuff.
* Usefull for things we don't have any control over, like wxWidgets
* provided facilities (eg. open file dialog)
* Note that gettext is already initialized by the VLC core, that it
* handles charset conversion and that we DO NOT want wxWidgets to set
* our LC_NUMERIC to non-C. However, it always does it anyway :-(
* Strangely, when calling the "obsoleted" locale.Init() prototype
* setlocale( LC_NUMERIC, "C" ) afterward works, while it is not the
* case with the newer locale.Init() prototype.
* In any case, that's ugly and thread-safe. The proper solution would
* be to reimplement an atof() version that is locale-independant and
* use in the many places that expect C/American float numbers. Even
* then, there might be some buggy underlying libraries breakage
* (e.g. Live555).
locale.Init( NULL, NULL, NULL, true, false );
* provided facilities (eg. open file dialog) */
setlocale( LC_NUMERIC, "C" );
/* Load saved window settings */
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