Commit d515ca53 authored by zorglub's avatar zorglub
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psz_uri can be null in sap announcer if we have a SDP (Closes:#403)

parent ad69969d
......@@ -244,11 +244,10 @@ static int announce_SAPAnnounceAdd( sap_handler_t *p_sap,
vlc_mutex_lock( &p_sap->object_lock );
if( p_session->psz_uri == NULL )
if( p_session->psz_uri == NULL && p_session->psz_sdp == NULL )
vlc_mutex_unlock( &p_sap->object_lock );
msg_Err( p_sap, "*FIXME* Unexpected NULL URI for SAP announce" );
msg_Err( p_sap, "This should not happen. VLC needs fixing." );
msg_Err( p_sap, "Trying to create a NULL SAP announce" );
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