Commit aa10b381 authored by sigmunau's avatar sigmunau
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zsh.cpp: allow completion of submodules as well for module-type options

(this allows -A and -V to complete the dummy module
parent fbc81b72
......@@ -158,13 +158,13 @@ mmap PrintModuleList( vlc_t *p_vlc )
/* Exclude empty plugins (submodules don't have config options, they
* are stored in the parent module) */
if( p_module->b_submodule )
if( strcmp( p_module->psz_object_name, "main" ) )
modules_cap.insert( mpair( p_module->psz_capability,
p_module->psz_object_name ) );
if( p_module->b_submodule )
printf( "%s ", p_module->psz_object_name );
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