Commit 7ca188d5 authored by zorglub's avatar zorglub

Move python mediacontrol bindings

parent c615ce52
SUBDIRS = python java SUBDIRS = mediacontrol-python java
...@@ -4982,13 +4982,13 @@ fi ...@@ -4982,13 +4982,13 @@ fi
dnl dnl
dnl Python bindings dnl Mediacontrol Python bindings
dnl dnl
AC_ARG_ENABLE(python-bindings, AC_ARG_ENABLE(mediacontrol-python-bindings,
[ --enable-python-bindings Enable Python bindings (default disabled)]) [ --enable-mediacontrol-python-bindings Enable Python bindings for MediaControl (default disabled)])
dnl TODO: look for python dev headers dnl TODO: look for python dev headers
AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_PYTHON, [test "${enable_python_bindings}" = "yes"]) AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_PYTHON, [test "${enable_mediacontrol_python_bindings}" = "yes"])
if test "${enable_python_bindings}" = "yes" if test "${enable_mediacontrol_python_bindings}" = "yes"
then then
build_pic=yes build_pic=yes
fi fi
...@@ -5211,7 +5211,7 @@ AC_CONFIG_FILES([ ...@@ -5211,7 +5211,7 @@ AC_CONFIG_FILES([
activex/axvlc.inf activex/axvlc.inf
bindings/Makefile bindings/Makefile
bindings/java/Makefile bindings/java/Makefile
bindings/python/Makefile bindings/mediacontrol-python/Makefile
debian/Makefile debian/Makefile
doc/Makefile doc/Makefile
intl/Makefile intl/Makefile
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