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    * added a vlc_current_charset function. This tries to get the current charset · f388eb55
    hartman authored
      in use by the OS. It's pretty nifty. if available it uses nl_langinfo. Then
      it falls back to trying setlocale (exept on OSX, where this funtion is useless)
      and then falls back to LC_ALL, LC_TYPE and LANG environment variables.
      If only the LANG variable is available (like on osx) it tries a countrycode
      to charset mapping (making an educated guess ).
      On windows it retrieves the charset with GetACP().
      It also has an aliases system to transform incompatible charset description
      strings to libiconv compatible charset descriptions. If you want you can even
      retrieve the charset on OS/2.
    * modules/codec/subsdec/subsdec.c: By default we try to open a subtitle file in
      the systems charset (or language mapped to charset). It's no more than a guess,
      and if you open Latin1 subs on your Japanese system you will still need to
      specify the encoding by hand, but it's better then nothing.
    * src/playlist/playlist.c: spelling error in a comment.