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    Add/Change x264 options. Patch by Dennis van Amerongen · 85b8385e
    dionoea authored
    Original email was
    "Subject: [vlc-devel] Additional x264 options/unification
    Patch for unification and addition of several x264 options (using x264          
    commandline interface as reference):                                            
    8x8dct, asm, bime, chroma-me, chroma-qp-offset, cplxblur, direct,               
    ipratio, nr, pbratio, qblur, qcomp, qpstep, verbose. Changed (no-)psnr,         
    (no-)b-adapt, (no-)fast-pskip to similar usage as (no-)cabac. Deprecated        
    options in favor of x264 cli equivalents (subpel -> subme, frameref ->          
    ref, etc.) for unification.                                                     
    Improved order of adding partitions in analyse modes as suggested by            
    Pengvado (#x264): i4x4,p8x8,i8x8+8x8dct,b8x8,p4x4 (at low bitrate i8x8          
    would be more important than i4x4 though). Using i8x8 results in a "High        
    Profile" setting (not all decoders seem to support that). i8x8 requires         
    8x8dct which is now a seperate option (default disabled)."
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