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      Do not retrieve MKB using MMC commands during AACS-Auth · f60d0d48
      Janusz Dziemidowicz authored
      In _mmc_read_auth() MMC commands are used to retrieve MKB from the
      drive to display a warning if a host certificate is
      revoked. Unfortunately, reading MKB using MMC is very slow (up to 10
      seconds) and it bypasses OS cache so it takes the same amount of time
      every time. _mmc_read_auth() is called several times (VID retrieval,
      PMSN retrieval, read data key retrieval), which can cause up to 30
      second delay when trying to play a disc (VID is cached, but PMSN is
      not and BD-J code tends to try to retrieve it even when there is no
      PMSN on the disc).
      Fix this by removing MKB retrieval in _mmc_read_auth(). This only
      causes a warning not to be displayed, however there still will be an
      information if the host certificate is revoked (drive will simply
      reject it).
       1 file changed, 67 deletions(-)
  5. 29 Dec, 2013 1 commit
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      Support gcrypt 1.6.0 · cbc200ff
      Janusz Dziemidowicz authored
      There seems to be a slight change in S-expressions (fortunately
      backward compatible). There is also additional flag needed in rather
      strange place (data section instead of key section), most probably a
      bug in gcrypt.
      Decrypting a 350MB file with gcrypt 1.5 takes around 4 seconds on Core
      Quad Q9450 2.66GHz while with gcrypt 1.6 around 2.8s (the processor
      does not support AES-NI).
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