Commit cd72e8ee authored by Janusz Dziemidowicz's avatar Janusz Dziemidowicz Committed by npzacs
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Properly report AACS version from AACS drive feature

AACS version is located at offset 7, not at offset 5 which contains
binding nonce block count.
parent 18d7c70a
......@@ -504,7 +504,7 @@ static int _mmc_check_aacs(MMC *mmc)
uint16_t feature = MKINT_BE16(buf+8);
if (feature == 0x010d) {
DEBUG(DBG_MMC, "AACS feature descriptor:\n");
DEBUG(DBG_MMC, " AACS version: %d\n", buf[5+8]);
DEBUG(DBG_MMC, " AACS version: %d\n", buf[7+8]);
DEBUG(DBG_MMC, " AACS active: %d\n", buf[2+8] & 1);
DEBUG(DBG_MMC, " Binding Nonce generation support: %d\n", buf[4+8] & 1);
DEBUG(DBG_MMC, " Binding Nonce block count: %d\n", buf[5+8]);
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