Commit 7eab1714 authored by npzacs's avatar npzacs Committed by hpi1

Ignore config file if VUK is in cache

parent 3d91f76e
......@@ -988,6 +988,10 @@ static int _calc_uks(AACS *aacs, config_file *cf)
/* first try cached vuk */
vuk_error_code = _calc_vuk(aacs, mk, vuk, NULL);
if (vuk_error_code != AACS_SUCCESS) {
if (cf) {
BD_DEBUG(DBG_AACS, "Searching for keydb config entry...\n");
_find_config_entry(aacs, cf->list, mk, vuk);
......@@ -1001,6 +1005,7 @@ static int _calc_uks(AACS *aacs, config_file *cf)
/* Try to calculate VUK */
vuk_error_code = _calc_vuk(aacs, mk, vuk, cf);
BD_DEBUG(DBG_AACS, "Calculate CPS unit keys...\n");
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