Commit 63015ca6 authored by Marvin Scholz's avatar Marvin Scholz

mmc_device_darwin: Fix disc mounting log message

parent 4e568433
......@@ -198,8 +198,20 @@ static void iokit_mount_complete (DADiskRef disk, DADissenterRef dissenter,
(void) disk; /* suppress warning */
(void) dissenter; /* suppress warning */
/* the disc mounts despite whether there is a dessenter */
BD_DEBUG(DBG_MMC, "Disc mounted\n");
if (dissenter) {
BD_DEBUG(DBG_MMC, "Could not mount the disc\n");
} else {
BD_DEBUG(DBG_MMC, "Disc mounted\n");
/* FIXME: The disc does not actually mount whether there is
* a dissenter or not, the OS mounts the disc automatically
* kind of racing against us mounting the disc.
* It is pure luck if the disc is mounted or not, sometimes
* we are lucky enough, especially because the runloop is
* running for 10 seconds, which most of the time is long
* enough for the OS to mount the disc again.
((MMCDEV *)context)->is_mounted = 1;
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