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Update ChangeLog

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2020-07-??: Version 0.11.0
- Add more AACS2 support (still not complete).
- Add support for partial unit keys in KEYDB.CFG.
- Improve opening of UHD discs (~ 10 seconds faster).
- Improve large KEYDB.CFG parsing (~ 4 times faster).
- Improve error resilience.
- Reduce memory usage (does not depend on config file size anymore).
- Fix segfault on macOS when MMC opening fails.
- Fix memory leak with multiple UK entries in KEYDB.cfg file.
- Fix AACS2 with multiple unit keys.
- Fix include flags order (do not include wrong headers outside of source tree).
2020-03-22: Version 0.10.0 2020-03-22: Version 0.10.0
- Add support for AACS2 content certificate. - Add support for AACS2 content certificate.
- Add aacs_set_key_caching(). - Add aacs_set_key_caching().
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