Commit 58fb6beb authored by John Doe's avatar John Doe Committed by hpi1

Don't discard unit keys unless VUK is available

Previously libaacs discarded unit keys when e.g. config file had 1 unit
key and the disc had 2 or more. This is fine when we have VUK or MK+VID
available. However, when VUK is not available, discarding unit key means
that the disc can't be decrypted.
parent 76453650
......@@ -829,9 +829,10 @@ static int _calc_vuk(AACS *aacs, uint8_t *mk, uint8_t *vuk, config_file *cf)
/* Function that collects keys from keydb config entry */
static void _find_config_entry(AACS *aacs, title_entry_list *ce,
static void _find_config_entry(AACS *aacs, config_file *cf,
uint8_t *mk, uint8_t *vuk)
title_entry_list *ce = cf->list;
char str[48];
char str2[48];
......@@ -881,15 +882,24 @@ static void _find_config_entry(AACS *aacs, title_entry_list *ce,
ukcursor = ukcursor->next;
/* check against Unit_Key_RO.inf */
/* check against Unit_Key_RO.inf, only discard incorrect amount of UKs if VUK or MK+VID is available */
if (num_uks != aacs->uk->num_uk) {
if (_calc_vuk(aacs, mk, vuk, cf) == AACS_SUCCESS) {
BD_DEBUG(DBG_CRIT | DBG_AACS, "Ignoring unit keys from config file (expected %u keys, found %u)\n",
aacs->uk->num_uk, num_uks);
BD_DEBUG(DBG_CRIT | DBG_AACS, "Incomplete unit keys in config file (expected %u keys, found %u)\n",
aacs->uk->num_uk, num_uks);
/* get keys */
if (num_uks > aacs->uk->num_uk) {
/* config file has more unit keys than the disc has */
aacs->uk->num_uk = num_uks;
aacs->uk->uk = calloc(aacs->uk->num_uk, sizeof(aacs->uk->uk[0]));
if (!aacs->uk->uk) {
......@@ -994,7 +1004,7 @@ static int _calc_uks(AACS *aacs, config_file *cf)
if (cf) {
BD_DEBUG(DBG_AACS, "Searching for keydb config entry...\n");
_find_config_entry(aacs, cf->list, mk, vuk);
_find_config_entry(aacs, cf, mk, vuk);
/* Skip if retrieved from config file */
if (aacs->uk->uk) {
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