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- Added aacs_get_device_binding_id() and aacs_get_device_nonce()
- Fixed reading PMSN
- Dropped support for compile-time PATCHED_DRIVE flag.
- Bus encryption support
2013-12-11: Version 0.7.0
- Add aacs_get_device_binding_id() and aacs_get_device_nonce().
- Add support for bus encryption.
- Add support for device keys.
- Add support for internal keys.
- Fix reading PMSN.
- Fix reporting AACS version from AACS drive feature.
- Calculate bus key and use it to verify message authentication codes.
- Do not fail if VID is known but config file does not exist.
- Improve validating keys in KEYDB.cfg.
- Update KEYDB.cfg format (still backwards compatible):
* Host nonce and host key point are optional.
* Add device key UV values and masks.
- Build system updates.
- Drop support for compile-time PATCHED_DRIVE flag.
2013-03-04: Version 0.6.0
- Added reading of PMSN (Pre-recorded Media Serial Number)
dnl library version number
m4_define([aacs_major], 0)
m4_define([aacs_minor], 6)
m4_define([aacs_minor], 7)
m4_define([aacs_micro], 0)
......@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ dnl - If ABI is broken, increase current and set age and revision to 0.
dnl Library file name will be libaacs.(current-age).age.revision
m4_define([lt_current], 3)
m4_define([lt_age], 3)
m4_define([lt_current], 4)
m4_define([lt_age], 4)
m4_define([lt_revision], 0)
dnl initilization
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