Commit 0e1a3fc4 authored by npzacs's avatar npzacs
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Try backup file when reading of MKB_RO.inf fails

parent 0157b519
......@@ -472,6 +472,11 @@ static MKB *_mkb_open(AACS *aacs)
MKB *mkb;
size = _read_file(aacs, "AACS" DIR_SEP "MKB_RO.inf", &data);
if (size < 4) {
/* retry with backup file */
size = _read_file(aacs, "AACS" DIR_SEP "DUPLICATE" DIR_SEP "MKB_RO.inf", &data);
if (size < 4) {
BD_DEBUG(DBG_AACS | DBG_CRIT, "Error reading MKB file (AACS/MKB_RO.inf)\n");
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