Commit d03f99bb authored by Soomin Lee's avatar Soomin Lee

update_strings: Add check in swift files

parent 731207a6
......@@ -9,33 +9,8 @@
* Refer to the COPYING file of the official project for license.
//This file is there to avoid key deletion by the script.
//Add Keys here with text that we need translation for but are not directly used within the App
void _notAMethod()
NSLocalizedString(@"STORE_DESCRIPTION", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"STORE_DESCRIPTION_TV", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"ABOUT_APP", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"SECTION_HEADER_NETWORK", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"THIS_FILE", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"NOT_SUPPORTED_FILETYPE", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"FILE_EXISTS", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"BIOMETRIC_UNLOCK", nil);
//These Strings are in PAPasscode and we need to translate them
NSLocalizedString(@"Set Passcode", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Enter a passcode", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Re-enter your passcode", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Enter Passcode", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Enter your passcode", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Passcodes did not match. Try again.", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Change Passcode", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Enter your old passcode", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Enter your new passcode", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Re-enter your new passcode", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Passcodes did not match. Try again.", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"1 Failed Passcode Attempt", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"%d Failed Passcode Attempts", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"Next", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"DOWNLOAD_FROM_HTTP", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"STORE_DESCRIPTION", nil);
NSLocalizedString(@"STORE_DESCRIPTION_TV", nil);
......@@ -77,7 +77,6 @@
"OPEN_NETWORK" = "Open Network Stream";
"NETWORK_TITLE" = "Network Stream";
"OPEN_NETWORK_HELP" = "Enter any HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, MMS, FTP or UDP/RTP address to open the stream directly.";
"ABOUT_APP" = "About";
"HTTP_UPLOAD_SERVER_OFF" = "Inactive Server";
"HTTP_UPLOAD_NO_CONNECTIVITY" = "No active WiFi connection";
"OPEN_STREAM_OR_DOWNLOAD" = "Would you like to download or play this URL?";
......@@ -127,7 +126,6 @@
"SHARING_SUCCESS_CAMERA_ROLL" = "File was successfully saved to the Camera Roll";
"LOCAL_NETWORK" = "Local Network";
"CONNECT_TO_SERVER" = "Connect to Server";
......@@ -168,19 +166,6 @@
"BIOMETRIC_UNLOCK" = "Unlock Media Library\nCancel to enter Passcode";
//PAPasscode Strings that we need to localize for them
"%d Failed Passcode Attempts" = "%d Failed Passcode Attempts";
"1 Failed Passcode Attempt" = "1 Failed Passcode Attempt";
"Change Passcode" = "Change Passcode";
"Enter Passcode" = "Enter Passcode";
"Enter a passcode" = "Enter a passcode";
"Enter your new passcode" = "Enter your new passcode";
"Enter your old passcode" = "Enter your old passcode";
"Enter your passcode" = "Enter your passcode";
"Next" = "Next";
"Passcodes did not match. Try again." = "Passcodes did not match. Try again.";
"Re-enter your new passcode" = "Re-enter your new passcode";
"Re-enter your passcode" = "Re-enter your passcode";
"Set Passcode" = "Set Passcode";
"Settings" = "Settings"; // plain text key to keep compatibility with InAppSettingsKit's upstream
"ON" = "On";
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ def strings_from_folder(folder_path, extensions=None, exclude=None):
localized_strings = {}
code_file_paths = []
if extensions == None:
extensions = frozenset(['m', 'mm'])
extensions = frozenset(['m', 'mm', 'swift'])
if exclude == None:
exclude = frozenset(['ImportedSources','Pods'])
logging.debug('Scanning for source files in %s', folder_path)
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