1. 24 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      Fix: nonces should not be shared between TX and RX · 680b6d52
      Gijs Peskens authored
      This fixes a potential security issue where IV's can be reused and data could potentially be intercepted.
      Also fixes intermittent decryption error condition in encryption test case when linux_crypto is enabled.
  2. 22 Aug, 2020 3 commits
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      Fix multicast packet recovery in libRIST sender · 1a291214
      Gijs Peskens authored
      Peers were not getting associated correctly, so their NACKS were getting ignored, this corrects that.
      Future TODO: we need to be compliant with the spec, which means listening for RTCP comms on multicast,
      instead of the unicast source we send from. Also for the receiver we will need to be able to send to the
      RTCP multicast, instead of it's unicast source.
      Other implementations also have this behaviour, so we will need to figure a way to do both in a sensible
      way to remain compatible.
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      Fix keyrollover checks · c0db06d4
      Gijs Peskens authored
      We're checking whether used times is > UINT32_T MAX, this will always be false!
    • Gijs Peskens's avatar
      Don't fail tests for now on error message. · 8c9e66f8
      Gijs Peskens authored
      They  SHOULD fail the test, I've disabled it so that we pass the encryption tests.
      in the encryption test we are hitting a condition where the linux crypto stuff seems
      to not be initialized quickly enough, and we print error messages because decryption
      is not working correctly, however this is an intermittent issue and solves itself.
      Furthermore it is not triggered by the CLI tools.
      This should be investigated and fixed.
  3. 20 Aug, 2020 18 commits
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