1. 03 Oct, 2002 7 commits
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      * ./configure.ac.in: duplicated arguments to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to fix · f501554a
      Sam Hocevar authored
          locales breakage.
        * ./src/libvlc.c: libvlc understands the VLC_VERBOSE environment variable,
          to be set between 0 and 4. Default value is 0 for a program using libvlc,
          but vlc sets it to 1 by default.
        * ./src/misc/configuration.c: -v now works the old way (-v, -vv, -vvv) as
          well as the new way (-v0, -v1, -v4). -v1 is the same as -v, and -v0 is
          the same as -q (quiet). Hope it's all understandable.
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      · 6dafa419
      gbazin authored
      * FAQ: updated FAQ with config file issues.
      * configure.ac.in: use -mms-bitfields instead of -fnative-struct for
         mingw32 gcc-3.x.
      * include/interface.h, modules/misc/dummy/interface.c, modules/misc/logger/logger.c,
         modules/control/rc/rc.c: Display message on Win32 explaining how to get
         back to the GUI mode.
      * src/misc/threads.c, include/vlc_threads_funcs.h: ignore the
         win9x-cv-method config option on WinNT when fast-mutex is not enabled.
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      * ./src/libvlc.c, ./include/main.h: the root of all objects is now · 145b1961
      Sam Hocevar authored
          p_libvlc, and each p_vlc is a child of p_libvlc. Reasons for this are:
           o the module bank and the message bank only need to be initialized once,
             which gives faster loads when multiple instances of libvlc are used,
           o we allow the possibility of different p_vlc sharing objects, for
             instance the audio output,
           o the CPU detection is only done once.
          This patch is not polished yet, but I cannot do any intensive tests for
          the moment because of a bug somewhere that leaves audio output objects
          lying here and there which needs to be investigated first. The current
          major issue is that the module bank is no longer freed.
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      forgot to add the actual code in my last commit · 75873492
      sigmunau authored
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      kde.cpp: subscribe and unsubscribe messages · a26eef41
      sigmunau authored
       interface.cpp, interface.h: create a messages window, and add menu iten to
      show it
       Modules.as: build messages window
       ui.rc: menuitem to show messages
       preferences.cpp: fixed typo in comment
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      * ./bootstrap: fixed a bug I introduced yesterday that caused automake · 537cf3aa
      Sam Hocevar authored
          version detection not to work properly.
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