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  6. 22 Feb, 2018 1 commit
    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
      macosx: Save/share time remaining state in fullscreen controller · ecca9675
      Marvin Scholz authored
      There was no identifier set for the time remaining label in the
      fullscreen controller, this sets one to ensure the state is saved
      correctly. Additionally this is the same identifier as the one in
      the main window label, so make sure the state is shared between those.
      Fix #19813
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    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
      macOS: Avoid double-seeking to the same position · 1fe7c233
      Marvin Scholz authored
      The sliders for seeking are continuous, that means they send events
      for every action, which is useful to seek when the slider is dragged.
      But when the slider is clicked, this results in two seeks nearly at the
      same time to the same position.
      Therefore this commit introduces a check that ignores the slider update
      if it originated from a NSLeftMouseUp event to workaround that.
      Ref. #17954
  15. 29 Jan, 2017 4 commits
  16. 05 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • David Fuhrmann's avatar
      macosx: Limit fullscreen panel to video content area · 76f12cba
      David Fuhrmann authored
      Limit dragging / moving of fullscreen panel to video content area.
      This forbids dragging the fspanel outside of fullscreen. Also make
      sure that the fs panel stays inside the video view if dragged, in
      case the video view is smaller then the complete screen (this can
      happen with macOS split screen feature).
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  21. 30 Oct, 2016 3 commits
    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
      macosx: Make fscontroller compatible with <10.10 · 4abb898d
      Marvin Scholz authored
      This will add a fallback mechanism that uses a
      normal layer-backed NSView with a dark but still
      slightly transparent background on macOS versions
      that do not support NSVisualEffectView.
      Additionally it will allow compilation with older
      SDK's that have no NSVisualEffectView defined.
      If compiled with such an SDK, support for
      NSVisualEffectView is disabled completely, so
      even when running the compiled VLC version
      on 10.10 or higher it will use the old fallback
      view, as the SDK it was compiled with had not the
      necessary definitions.
    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
      macosx: Add a new fullscreen controller · 43b089ca
      Marvin Scholz authored
      This introduces a new fullscreen controller
      which uses NSVisualEffectView for it's background
      and the icons that are used throughout the rest of
      the macOS user interface, hence making it more
      consistent with the overall look of VLC.
      Additionally the new fullscreen controller is
      resizable and, as it already used to be, can be
      move around on the screen.
      The user interface is now described in a interface
      builder file (xib) instead of doing everything in
      code. This allows easy usage of autolayout, which
      is heavily used to allow adaption of the
      buttons/sliders depending on the panel width and