1. 11 Aug, 2015 2 commits
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      macosx: manage main window with an NSWindowController, simplify VLCMain · e5940f08
      David authored
      The window controller ensures that all top-level objects of the
      mainwindow xib are properly released.
      This removes the last occurence of VLCMain in xib files, thus
      awakeFromNib will not be called for this object anymore. The code
      has been moved to initThis removes the last occurence of VLCMain in xib files, thus
      awakeFromNib will not be called for this object anymore. The code
      has been moved to init.
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      macosx: deinit VLCMain, fix retain cycles for InputManager and playlist · 39c71bd7
      David authored
      By deinitializing VLCMain, all connected objects are supposed to
      be deallocated automatically. If [VLCMain sharedInstance] is gone,
      the intf is deinitalized (this was previously checked with a
      nil value of VLCIntf).
      Fixes some retain cycles in input manager and playlist code which
      prevented these objects to be deinitalized.
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      macosx: Create custom resume dialog, refactor · dcb7543f
      David authored
      Create own resume dialog, which acts the same way as a floating
      window. Thus it does not disturb the user more than any
      other VLC panel and consequently does not block the user in doing
      other operations.
      This fixes floating behaviour (#13886) any makes it more easy
      to implement any other fancy_dialog_whatever we might add later.
      Current design is a copy of the currently used alert window.
      Also raised the timeout value to 10 secs as users are complaining
      6 sec is not long enough.
      close #13886
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      macosx: Add own callback path for item-change · 293ed5e2
      David authored
      The item-change callback might be called very often, and thus an
      own code path is better, with only necessary updates.
      Additionally, this fixes multiple resume playback dialogs occuring
      at once when starting playback in certain situations.
      refs #11981
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      Revert "macosx: fixed compilation warning and potential, runtime exception" · 8fdbf0f2
      jwatzman authored
      This reverts commit 55e3f943 and fixes it the right way. I'm honestly not sure what's going on in that commit -- it silences the compiler warning not by actually fixing the problem (which is that the method isn't declared in the interface) but just by not making the method call visible to the compiler! It also completely breaks the feature, by moving things onto the main thread that can't be there, causing a deadlock, as specifically noted in the comment right above this code.
      In any event, it's easy enough to revert and add to the interface properly, silencing the compiler warning and unbreaking this extension feature.
      Signed-off-by: Felix Paul Kühne's avatarFelix Paul Kühne <fkuehne@videolan.org>
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