1. 13 Jun, 2015 1 commit
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      macosx: add build schemes to Xcode project for complete compilation · c5ffebd6
      David Fuhrmann authored
      This adds several build targets to the project for doing all needed
      steps for compilation.
      Additionally, they are some schemes included which are intended
      to be used for compilation:
      - "Rebuild everything" builds all targets in the right order, including
        extras/tools, contribs, bootstrap, configure, make and make VLC-dev.
        This scheme should be used once to setup everything. For later
        builds, you should switch to the Make project scheme.
      - "Make project" runs "make && make VLC-dev.app", to only recompile
        files if needed. Additionally, it creates a VLC-dev.app for testing.
      The end result will be stored in the build folder set in Xcode. Both
      VLC.app and VLC-dev.app can be accessed by using the "Build artifacts"
      folder, and showing the files in finder.
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