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      MainWindow: Introduce LibraryView · afa20503
      Vibhoothi authored
      - Loads the image from default location which is hardcoded as of now using NSColelctionVIewDataSource and NSFileManager.
      - Uses FlowLayout for showing the items in the collectionView
      - Shows Highlight of selection with blue colour (alternateSelectedControlColor).
      - Get the index of selection using delegate following NSCollectionViewDelegate protocol and for debugging and all have displayed the log of it to command line.
      - Scrolling function is also there with this, when the user resizes Window,it dynamically resizes the collection view items
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      extras: Hello macOS 10.11 · d8cbe4d2
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      macosx:Introduce VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem cocoa class with XIB for implementing LibraryView · f57797f7
      Vibhoothi authored
      The following files are newly introduced
       - VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem.xib : An Interface for showing collectionView items.
       - VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem.h   : Header file for defining instance and instance variables
       - VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem.m   : Cococa class which contains implementation of instance and representation of objects
      - Build VLCMainWindowCollectionViewItem files
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      extras: Introuduce new properties for VLC Xcode project · 9d91fe12
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      This changes and new properties are as per Xcode specifications
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