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      * mjpeg grabbing added, thanks to Paul Forgey <paulf at aphrodite dot com> · ba8a0334
      Laurent Aimar authored
       that had done all the work.
      Paul Forgey's notes:
      Unfortunatley, the v4l interface shows how much it sucks here.  I can't
      wait for v4l2 to become more common.  Anyway, the mjpeg mechanism
      captures completely differently than the uncompressed frame capture
      mechanism.  This means the code has to split off a bunch to do similar
      things depending on mjpeg being set or not.  For some reason, I can't
      use non v4l2 calls to capture uncompressed frames from the lml33,
      however I do have another bttv card on my system to test that I didn't
      break the non-mjpeg stuff.
      The Zoran encoders don't use square pixels.  So the 4:3 (or 16:9)
      picture is going to show up as 720x480.  I don't know my way around the
      code well enough to know how to specify a non-square pixel aspect
      ratio.  If there isn't a way to do it, it would be nice to be able to
      specify as an option the aspect ratio of the sourc.  Either 4:3 or 16:9
      in the case of anamorphic S-Video, which does occur.
      I stole the videodev_mjpeg.h header from the lavrec project.  Despite
      the linux kernels having support for the Zoran cards, there doesn't seem
      to be a reliable way to pick up this header, which is probably why
      lavrec did it this way.  Since it only defines ioctl definitions, I
      don't think using it is a legal problem.
      I also modified the audio handling a bit.  If the card supports audio,
      great, we'll set the card's parameters as we did before.  But if adev=
      is specified, use it regardless.  The reason to do this is to capture
      audio from the sound card with video coming from, say, a web cam or in
      my case, an encoder card which doesn't have any audio capabilities at