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      Support for CAM modules on dvb-s cards using the high-level CI api from · 2e68c45b
      sigmunau authored
      linux-dvb. This currently mean Twinhan cards and clones.
      There are three compile time switches currently available to people who 
      want to test this:
      RESET_CAM_SLOTS can be defined to 0 to disable the CA_RESET call at 
      startup. This greatly improves startup time for my cam at least. 
      HLCI_WAIT_CAM_READY can be defined to 1 to enable a loop that waits 
      untill the cam module is ready. This may take a long time (at least if 
      RESET_CAM_SLOTS is set), and does not happen at all under some error 
      CAM_PROG_MAX is a limit on the number of programs the code will send 
      CAPMT messages for. This can be used to work around buggy cam/card 
      combos that have issues when too many capmts are added.
      Hopefully this doesn't break the low level CAM support
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      * modules/access/dvb: · 596d0665
      Christophe Massiot authored
        - Rewrote QPSK frontend tuning functions, after reading the doc - it
          should hopefully fix the infamous "Operation not permitted" problem.
        - Permanently monitor the frontend status, and reinit it if it crashes.
        - New --dvb-high-voltage option for very long cables.
        - Moved all EN 50 221-related code from ts.c to en50221.c. We no longer
          need the --ts-capmt-sysid option because the sysid is determined
          automatically from the CAM.
        - Also changed the way we send the CAPMTs to the CAM, hoping to fix a bug
          with Aston professional CAMs which all of sudden stop descrambling
          a program after a few days.
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      dvb/access.c - properly cast memory returned by malloc() · 7bec8db2
      Jean-Paul Saman authored
                   - fix small memory leak on closing of dvb plugin.
      dvb/linux-dvb.c - remove astray spaces
                      - always empty the event queue before FE_SET_FRONTEND and FrontendCheck(). 
                        dvbstream does the same for OFDM and QAM. 
         DVB-C is working (did a few tests) 
         DVB-T not tested. 
         Using polarization=A doesn't work anymore INVERSION_AUTO is not honered for tuning. 
         SEC_VOLTAGE_OFF is missing when using latest code DVB-1.1.7 from http://www.metzlerbros.org/dvb/index.html. While include/linux/dvb/version.h is not updated and still reflects this API version: #define DVB_API_VERSION 3
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      * modules/access/dvb: Major rewrite of the code. · f12d6405
      Christophe Massiot authored
        - new options (now prepended with --dvb) :
           --dvb-program : to work around the non-working --program
           --dvb-inversion : to (optionally) specify the inversion, which is not
                             the same as polarization
           --dvb-budget-mode : if you have a budget card this will set a filter
                               on 0x2000, meaning all PIDs will be returned by
                               the driver. The budget-mode is compatible with demux2.
           --dvb-satno : to specify a sat number in the diseqc system
           --dvb-voltage : to specify the voltage of the LNB (0 is a permitted
                           value in special configurations)
           --dvb-tone : to enable/disable the 22kHz tone (by default it is sent
                        if frequency >= lnb-slof)
        - fixed a handful of QPSK tuning bugs, especially the diseqc was not
          working and frequencies above 11700 couldn't be tuned to.
        - the modules now uses the inherited object variables for its
        - symbol-rate= url option is now srate= for consistency with the
          configuration variable.
        - all linux-dvb specific code is now in linux_dvb.c. access.c contains
          only code which could be reused on other platforms.
        - better keep track of demux file descriptors (especially useful on
          limited boards).
        - do not block in read() when no data is available.
        - fixed msleep() calls (reminder : mtime_t is in _microseconds_).
      I didn't test the QAM and OFDM variants, so please report.