1. 14 May, 2017 2 commits
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    • Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar
      lua: sd: reorder/regroup code · 691328a1
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      No functional changes.
    • Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar
      tls: fix typo · db06f5fb
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
      macOS: Assume in Xcode project that build exists · 9d6abbcb
      Marvin Scholz authored
      This is a vague assumption as the build folder could be called anything
      actually or not be present at all, but for most users following the wiki
      guide this will be true.
      If it isn't, it will result in missing header errors, the same that
      were present before this change.
    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
      macOS: Explicitly set the App icon · 92e03acf
      Marvin Scholz authored
      This will make sure the cone icon is displayed even when using the
      vlc-osx-static binary. It makes it much easier to find the running
      vlc instance, as before a confusing folder icon of the bin folder was
      used, given that this is considered the "App bundle" by CFBundle.
    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
      macOS: Add CFBundleDisplayName to Info.plist · 148107c3
      Marvin Scholz authored
      According to the documentation:
      > Because Siri uses the value of this key, always provide a value,
      > whether or not you localize your app.
      Note that this will have no effect when running the vlc-osx-static,
      due to the following:
      > In macOS, before displaying a localized name for your bundle, the
      > Finder compares the value of this key against the actual name of your
      > bundle in the file system. If the two names match, the Finder proceeds
      > to display the localized name from the appropriate InfoPlist.strings
      > file of your bundle. If the names do not match, the Finder displays
      > the file-system name.
    • Marvin Scholz's avatar
      macOS: Add correct vlc header search path to project · 82897246
      Marvin Scholz authored
      This ensures Xcode is able to find vlc headers, and stops complaining
      about those, as this leads to somewhat broken highlighting/completion
      for some files.
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