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      * all: first implementation of a MilkDrop-compatible visualization plugin, · b45ccdd5
      Cyril Deguet authored
          based on ProjectM (xmms-projectm.sourceforge.net), without the
          dependency on SDL 1.3. At the moment it only works on X11 with GLX 1.3,
          I didn't manage to have it working with the 1.2 API :(
          SGI Pbuffers are not used yet, I didn't manage to have them working
          well either :(
          Milkdrop presets are searched in /etc/projectM/presets (guess why ;)
          With projectM presets, colours look a bit "flashy", I wonder if it
          is normal...
          To compile the plugin, add --enable-galaktos in configure. The only
          dependencies are on X11 and OpenGL libs.
          Enjoy !
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      * src/vlcproc.cpp: DO NOT update the GUI directly from the vlc callbacks, · d36327cc
      Cyril Deguet authored
        skins are not reentrant (at least with x11). Put commands in the queue
        * commands/cmd_vars: commands to change variables
        * controls/ctrl_list.cpp: automatic scroll when the stream changes
        * src/bitmap.cpp: removed the scandinavian characters from the
          text font, they don't belong to ASCII (caused a stack corruption)
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      * all: brand new skins interface ( still _experimental_) for x11 and · b7dc5e88
      Cyril Deguet authored
        win32, by ipkiss and myself...
       Among the features:
       - framework rewritten from scratch, heavily based on design patterns
        => new controls can be (hopefully) created more easily, portability
        to other OS is better, and the interface is less dependant from
        the vlc core
       - new concept of "layout", to provide a window with several different
        views (as in winamp3 skins)
       - controls can now be placed at a relative position to the edges of
        a window, which allow controls and layouts to be resizable (e.g
        for the playlist window)
       - Use of libpng and libfreetype2 for better portability between x11 and
         win32 => ttf fonts and antialiasing
       - New DTD for the xml theme ( *it will probably change again* )
       - Very very beginning of scripting in the xml file
       - And many things I miss
       - And probably many bugs ;)
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