1. 18 May, 2003 1 commit
  2. 17 May, 2003 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 8b62cc3c
      gbazin authored
      * include/input_ext-intf.h: forgot this file in my last commit.
      * src/input/input_programs.c: prev/next-chapter and prev/next-title navigation variables are created only when necessary.
  3. 15 May, 2003 2 commits
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      · 5afb7baa
      gbazin authored
      * src/input/input_programs.c: a few fixes to the navigation object variable.
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 90296a25
      gbazin authored
      * src/input/input_programs.c: implemented prev-title, next-title, prev-chapter and next-chapter object variables.
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/menus.cpp: put the above variables into the Navigation menu.
  4. 11 May, 2003 2 commits
    • gbazin's avatar
      · f7cc7ca2
      gbazin authored
      * src/input/input_programs.c: small bug fix.
      * src/misc/variables.c: compilation fix for MSVC.
    • hartman's avatar
      * src/input/input_programs.c: Added a 'intf-changed' variable as vout, aout · 934308bb
      hartman authored
        and playlist already have, to be notified of menu changes.
      * src/video_output/video_output.c: Changed a 1 to a VLC_TRUE
      * modules/gui/macosx/intf.?: Interface listens for changes in the input
        menu's now.
  5. 10 May, 2003 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 55365965
      gbazin authored
      * src/input/input_programs.c: misc fixes/improvements to the video-es/audio-es/spu-es object variables.
  6. 05 May, 2003 2 commits
    • gbazin's avatar
      · d8e92b78
      gbazin authored
      * modules/demux/mpeg/ts.c: compiler warning fix.
      * src/input/input_programs.c: a "Disable" choice is added by default to "audio-es", "video-es" and "spu-es".
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 95b4a56a
      gbazin authored
      * ALL: changed the prototype of input_AddES() to include enough information so we can build an "video-es", "audio-es" and "spu-es" object variable. These variables can be used by the interfaces to navigate between the elementary streams.
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/menus.cpp: use the "foo-es" object variables.
  7. 04 May, 2003 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 30336bba
      gbazin authored
      * src/misc/variables.c, ALL: improvements to the object variables api.
         - added another argument to var_Change().
         - added a VLC_VAR_SETTEXT and VLC_VAR_GETTEXT method to var_Change()
           that are used to set/get a friendly name to an object variable.
         - added VLC_VAR_CHOICESCOUNT to var_Change() to be able to retrieve
           the number of availabel choices without having to get their value
           as well.
         - VLC_VAR_ADDCHOICE uses the extra var_Change() argument to assign
           a friendly name to the choice value.
         - VLC_VAR_GETCHOICES retrieves the choices values and their friendly
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*: first step in implementing menu auto-generation in the wxWindows interface.
  8. 13 Apr, 2003 1 commit
    • Laurent Aimar's avatar
      * all: new sout scheme. Now a chain of module are created that can · 4dec9682
      Laurent Aimar authored
      modify/apply on all streams, --sout has the same behavour expect when
      starting with a '#'.
       With a starting '#' you can specify a chain of modules, it's still
      unstable but a lot more powerfull.
       You have access to duplicate(that duplicate all stream), transcode
      (using only ffmpeg), standard/std and es (that apply muxers and access),
      and display. You could chain them with ':' and specify options with
      ex: * to stream and see the stream to udp/ts:ip
       --sout '#duplicate{dst=display,dst=std{access=udp,mux=ts,url=ip}}'
          * to transcode,see and stream
       --sout '#transcode{acodec=mpga}:duplicate{dst=display,dst=std{access=udp,mux=ts,url=ip}}'
       Without a starting '#', the url is converted into '#std{acces=,mux=,url}'
      Test and report bugs :)
  9. 12 Mar, 2003 1 commit
  10. 11 Mar, 2003 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 1171979d
      gbazin authored
      * ALL: experimental code for stream (dvd) navigation through object variables.
  11. 31 Jan, 2003 1 commit
  12. 07 Jan, 2003 1 commit
    • Laurent Aimar's avatar
      * all: I have added two new variables in es_descriptor_t and · 81b7c545
      Laurent Aimar authored
      decoder_fifo_t (p_waveformatex and p_bitmapinfoheader). It's
      a replacement of p_demux_data as this variable is used by
      some demuxers in another way. This way, I will be able to add
      preliminary support of mpeg4 in mpeg2TS... (I haven't tested ogm
      demuxer so if somebody wants ...)
  13. 06 Dec, 2002 1 commit
  14. 11 Nov, 2002 1 commit
  15. 10 Nov, 2002 1 commit
  16. 05 Nov, 2002 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 51f7848f
      gbazin authored
      * All: moved the check for "video" and "audio" config variables to
         input_SelectES(). That allows --no-video and --no-audio to automagically
         work for all demuxers.
  17. 29 Oct, 2002 1 commit
  18. 31 Jul, 2002 1 commit
  19. 23 Jul, 2002 1 commit
    • Sam Hocevar's avatar
      * ALL: decoders now use a fourcc as a probe value. · 64d33dc9
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * include/input_ext-intf.h: killed p_es->b_audio, since i_cat already fills
          its purpose.
        * include/input_ext-intf.h: killed p_es->i_type in favour of p_es->i_fourcc.
        * include/video.h: killed p_pic->p_plane->b_margin; now i_visible_pitch is
          always valid.
        * ./src/libvlc.h: replaced --mpeg-adec and --ac3-adec with --codec; see
          vlc --help for more information.
        * include/video.h: removed fourcc values which should _not_ be global
          (thanks fenrir for convincing me).
        * ALL: video output plugins use the VLC_FOURCC macro to build their fourccs.
        * ./plugins/beos/InterfaceWindow.cpp: removed the last remaining call to
         Things I'm not sure about and need comments:
          - I used "mpga" and "mpgv" for MPEG (1+2) audio and video fourcc values.
          - I also introduced "spu ", "lpcm" and "ac3 ".
          - I removed for instance "MP4_GetCodec" because it wasn't really
            used except for the description string. I hope this change did not
            break anything really important.
          - fenrir, I must have broken a lot of things you wrote. Sorry in advance.
  20. 21 Jul, 2002 1 commit
  21. 16 Jul, 2002 1 commit
  22. 15 Jul, 2002 1 commit
  23. 01 Jun, 2002 1 commit
    • Sam Hocevar's avatar
      * ALL: the first libvlc commit. · 9e3ab283
      Sam Hocevar authored
         As for video output 4, this breaks almost everything, but I'll slowly
        do what remains to be fixed during the weekend.
         Changes in vlc:
        * vlc is now a very small program (20 lines) which uses the libvlc API;
         it is quite simple for the moment but can be extended in the future.
        * interfaces, decoders, video outputs, etc. are now almost the same
         objects (yes, I know, this is C++ redone in C) and are structured in
         a tree. More about this later, but basically it allows the following
         nice features:
          - several interfaces
          - several playlists with several outputs
          - input plugins spawning helper interfaces (will be used for DVD menus)
          - anything spawning anything; I swear there are useful uses for this!
        * libvlc can be used in other programs; I'm currently writing a Mozilla
         plugin for my employer.
         Things currently broken:
        * most interfaces, most ports
        * the playlist handling (almost finished rewriting this though). This means
         no file can be played from the GUI, you need to use the commandline. This
         also means it segfaults at EOF, when exiting the program, and it sometimes
         refuses to open a file when asked to.
  24. 17 May, 2002 1 commit
  25. 16 May, 2002 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 5c7fbb3b
      gbazin authored
      * src/input/input_programs.c: fixed memory corruption by setting a few
          pointers to NULL after they have been free()ed.
      * src/input/input_programs.c: removed now useless ASSERTs.
      This patch comes from sam, so if you want to blame someone blame him ;-)
  26. 15 May, 2002 1 commit
  27. 13 May, 2002 1 commit
  28. 26 Apr, 2002 1 commit
  29. 25 Apr, 2002 1 commit
    • Sam Hocevar's avatar
      * ./src/misc/modules_plugin.h: exported input_ClockManageRef for fenrir. · eb1ec4a4
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * ./include/video.h: moved vout_CopyPicture out of the way, an inline
          function did not make sense here.
        * ./include/video.h: moved vout_ChromaCmp out of the way.
        * ./plugins/avi/fourcc.h, ./include/video.h: merged these two files into
        * ./include/os_specific.h: this file is now always included.
        * ./include/debug.h: removed this file which was almost useless, and moved
          ASSERT to common.h.
        * ./include/common.h: fixed vlc_memalign and changed its prototype to
          follow posix_memalign's.
  30. 23 Apr, 2002 2 commits
  31. 17 Apr, 2002 1 commit
  32. 10 Apr, 2002 1 commit
    • Johan Bilien's avatar
      · 57240036
      Johan Bilien authored
      * fixed a bug in input_SetProgram, that made the ps file input
      launch without video. Sorry about this.
  33. 08 Apr, 2002 1 commit
    • Johan Bilien's avatar
      · cb8ef93c
      Johan Bilien authored
      * made file access plugin use input_SetProgram so that we may change
        program when reading a file
      * fixed a bug in input_SetProgram
      * added --input_program <int> option, to choose the program from
        the command line
  34. 28 Mar, 2002 1 commit
    • Johan Bilien's avatar
      · 6ce92ec7
      Johan Bilien authored
      * When unselecting an ES, we must ged rid of p_es->p_pes so that it is
        regererated when we select this ES again. It made vlc segfault when
        switching from some stream to another, or when switching program
        in satellite input.
  35. 21 Mar, 2002 1 commit
  36. 19 Mar, 2002 1 commit
    • Johan Bilien's avatar
      · 8fd1965b
      Johan Bilien authored
      * fixed some bugs in program management : selected ESs must be attached
      to the selected program.