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      DLL loader stolen from MPlayer CVS. · 6d6ec75c
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      Disabled by default, enable with --enable-loader
      There's no sanity checks in configure so don't do it if your platform is not compatible.
      zorglub and Anil report it works for WMV3 with the dmo decoder plugin.
      It seems to crash with Quicktime (after displaying a few frame ?).
      There's no RealVideo decoder so, won't do that, but it probably could as well.
      Legal considerations
      Section 2 of the GPL puts no restriction on what you link with so long as
      you have obtained the program from source (and compiled it yourself), so
      this is OK.
      It is not clear to me whether it is ok to provide binaries with this
      feature enabled. Maybe it would infringe on the GPL and, hence, on VLC's
      past contributors intellectual rights. So if in doubt don't put this in
      binary package you make.