1. 15 Apr, 2006 3 commits
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      Add missing itemimage attribute to playtree doc · 858ff0c4
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      * Support for Topfield .rec recordings. It's MPEG-TS with an exceptionally... · c7ad2a40
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      * Support for Topfield .rec recordings. It's MPEG-TS with an exceptionally large (1MB) header in front of it.
        I tried adding the info in the header to meta, but the existing documention seems incorrect or at least incomplete. Instead we just accept the start of the header as identifying a MPEG-TS file, and skipping the header.
        BTW this header is again an example of very bad format design. It is using fixed length strings, for which the used buffers clearly are not null'ed before written with new information. As such i was able to determine which programs were running before this program was recorded :D
        Also a PID printed to a field was clearly not printed to null'ed memory, causing an invalid (too high) PID number to be in the field. You'd think the least someone could do when designing something like this, would be to analyze a hexdump of your own custom header.
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