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      Forward port of branches/0.8.1-jpsaman-thedj revision 12070. The OSD menu... · 26e60046
      Jean-Paul Saman authored
      Forward port of branches/0.8.1-jpsaman-thedj revision 12070. The OSD menu subsystem consists of two parts a core part (src/osd, include/vlc_osd.h) and a subfilter (modules/video_filter/osdmenu.c). The OSD menu can be used locally or it can be streamed. It depends on the way the functionality is called from the vlc commandline. Currently there is only one way to make the subpictures appear on the video and that is through the rc-interface. The following commands are supported by it: "menu on" (show OSD menu), "menu off" (hide OSD menu), "menu left" (highlight button on the left), "menu right" (highlight button on the right), "menu up" (highlight button above), "menu down" (highlight button below) or "menu select" (perform hotkey action). When there is no button on the left, right, up or down then the menu-command will be ignored.
      To stream use a commandline similar to this:
      ./vlc dvdsimple:///dev/dvd --sub-filter=osdmenu --osdmenu-file=share/osdmenu/default.cfg --extraintf rc --sout '#transcode{sfilter=osdmenu}:std{mux=ts,access=udp,url=}' -vvvv
      For local playback a commandline like this is needed:
      ./vlc dvdsimple:///dev/dvd --sub-filter=osdmenu --osdmenu-file=share/osdmenu/default.cfg -vvvv
      Have fun with the basic functionality - jpsaman.
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      * extras/contrib: Added libSDL and libSDL_image to the contrib system, · 1f4be6b7
      Christophe Massiot authored
         along with libjpeg and libtiff. SDL has been heavily patched not to
         hijack main() on Darwin, you should do the same for other platforms.
         Also fixed a huge number of typos in the Makefile, and reverted to
         an old version of ffmpeg because our friends there are breaking
         everything again.
       * Makefile.am: Re-added the "Default" directory for Xcode 2.1.
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    • Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar
      DLL loader stolen from MPlayer CVS. · 6d6ec75c
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      Disabled by default, enable with --enable-loader
      There's no sanity checks in configure so don't do it if your platform is not compatible.
      zorglub and Anil report it works for WMV3 with the dmo decoder plugin.
      It seems to crash with Quicktime (after displaying a few frame ?).
      There's no RealVideo decoder so, won't do that, but it probably could as well.
      Legal considerations
      Section 2 of the GPL puts no restriction on what you link with so long as
      you have obtained the program from source (and compiled it yourself), so
      this is OK.
      It is not clear to me whether it is ok to provide binaries with this
      feature enabled. Maybe it would infringe on the GPL and, hence, on VLC's
      past contributors intellectual rights. So if in doubt don't put this in
      binary package you make.
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    • Felix Paul Kühne's avatar
      * ALL: basic skeleton for a streaming-wizard (refs #13) · 94d20dd3
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
          - all items are included with complete l10n support
          - checkboxes and select-file-buttons behave as they are supposed to
          - implementation of the logic, i.e. handling of the collected values, respective manipulation of the GUI, start of the stream
          - move some arrays to an external header file
          - some GUI things (e.g. radio buttons on page 2, etc. - see FIXMEs)
          - implementation of some help-dialogues (it might be necessary to create a re-usable window in the nib for that, since NSAlert is Panther and Tiger only)
          - l10n string fixes (both in OSX and WX)
          => most of the work still needs to be done
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    • Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar
      Complete rewrite of vlc_symbols.h generation (closes #155) · 575c056a
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      New VLC_EXPORTs are now added at the end of module_symbols_t so that
      offsets of other function pointers are preserved.
      Deleted VLC_EXPORTs are replaced with dummy pointers for padding.
      Of course, it doesn't solve the problem with changing shared structures
      format :/ and it may cause SVN conflicts when multiple people changes
      VLC_EXPORT. I doubt it can be avoided though.
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