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      playlist: remove position parameter to playlist_Add* · b459e18d
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      This removes the insertion offset parameter to playlist_Add(),
      playlist_AddExt() and playlist_AddInput().
      intf_InsertItem() was the only occurrence where the offset was zero,
      a side effect of how the command line is parsed backward. This is now
      done explicitly with playlist_NodeAddInput().
      A non-zero positive offset made no sense, since:
       - the number of children of a node can change asynchronously while the
         playlist lock,
       - the back-end asserted or triggered undefined behaviour if the offset
         was out of range.
      DBus was the only occurrence of this bug (see also #17451 comment:4),
      and has been fixed in an earlier change.
      In all remaining call sites, the offset was PLAYLIST_END. This removes
      the parameter which would otherwise constitute a useless constant.
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      playlist: remove APPEND and INSERT flags · 4a2f6a81
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      They are set but never used. In practice, the (following) position
      parameter determines whether the item is inserted or appended. A
      positive position means insertion; PLAYLIST_END means appendment.
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