1. 11 Jun, 2014 3 commits
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      Qt: early instantiation for THEMIM · 0e89cd61
      Erwan Tulou authored
      Rather than wait for the first call to THEMIM to instantiate this singleton,
      do it explicitly at an early stage of the plugin initialization.
      This is useful for Qt as a dialog provider, since otherwise THEMIM doesn't
      get a chance to be set up until, e.g. the first call to a popupmenu,
      which then makes this menu slightly longer and noticeable to display.
      Also, remove the unneeded instantiation in the main_interface. (THEMIM has
      already been used a few lines earlier, which makes the call useless).
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    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      Qt: fix multiple instances of a singleton if an input is already started · b8ae32d9
      Erwan Tulou authored
      Using THEMIM at this level results in instantiating multiples copies of
      what should be a singleton. This is because any preexisting input needs
      to be initialized in the constructor of the THEMIN (MainInputManager). This
      leads to recursively calling the constructor over and over.
      This patch directly calls the underlying functions(no functional change).
  2. 10 Jun, 2014 37 commits