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      fontconfig: keep track of, and free, our configuration · f564aefb
      Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
      Inspite of claims to the contrary in fontconfig 2.11 changes log,
      FontConfig is really not thread-safe, since it uses atomic pointers
      instead of proper reference counting. Consequently, LibVLC cannot
      safely call FcFini() - it could crash another thread using FontConfig
      Using our own configuration has the benefit of not leaking related
      memory allocations, though it means that the LibVLC text renderer
      cannot share the configuration with other components in the same
      Note that there are still leaks within FontConfig. Specifically, the
      cache and the language/program default values are not freed, since that
      would require FcFini(). If you care in your application, call FcFini()
      after you have terminated all LibVLC instances.
      Refs #16023.
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