1. 20 Jun, 2015 1 commit
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      darwinvlc: compile with objc and fix build system · 021f50d9
      David Fuhrmann authored
      As we do not want to break other os versions, the only way to
      select the proper linker is to use another target for osx.
      Still, "make install" should produce a binary named "vlc" in the
      end, thus the binary is renamed at install stage.
  2. 13 Jun, 2015 3 commits
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      macosx: disable isVisibleOnLaunch and isRestorable for main window · 43822a61
      David Fuhrmann authored
      This workarounds a bug in the cocoa framework.
      close #9903
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      macosx: rename vlc target to vlc-bundle-helper · ce5d8671
      David Fuhrmann authored
      This is the target called from our makefile scripts. Rename it
      so it is more clear that it should not be called in Xcode
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      macosx: add build schemes to Xcode project for complete compilation · c5ffebd6
      David Fuhrmann authored
      This adds several build targets to the project for doing all needed
      steps for compilation.
      Additionally, they are some schemes included which are intended
      to be used for compilation:
      - "Rebuild everything" builds all targets in the right order, including
        extras/tools, contribs, bootstrap, configure, make and make VLC-dev.
        This scheme should be used once to setup everything. For later
        builds, you should switch to the Make project scheme.
      - "Make project" runs "make && make VLC-dev.app", to only recompile
        files if needed. Additionally, it creates a VLC-dev.app for testing.
      The end result will be stored in the build folder set in Xcode. Both
      VLC.app and VLC-dev.app can be accessed by using the "Build artifacts"
      folder, and showing the files in finder.
  3. 11 Jun, 2015 1 commit
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      macosx: add own configure switch to disable the sparkle update framework · 2a584bfb
      David Fuhrmann authored
      --enable-update-check enables update support in core, which is not needed
      for the mac platform. To avoid linking libgcrypt into the core, instead a
      new configure switch is introduced to disable sparkle support directly.
      Now, for disabling sparkle support, one needs to pass --disable-sparkle.
      It completely removed sparkle from the GUI, and does not copy the
      framework to the final bundle as well.
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  10. 11 Jan, 2015 1 commit
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      macosx: Add new pseudo-vlc target to Xcode project · 0a865ddb
      David Fuhrmann authored
      This target mimics a cocoa application and is merely added to
      enable autocompletion in the code editors. New interface files
      should be added to this target as well.
      Do not use this target for compilation, it won't work.
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