Commit ff07ba6e authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

vfilter: blend: add i422/16

parent 87a3cb27
......@@ -597,9 +597,11 @@ static const struct {
YUV(VLC_CODEC_I422_9B, CPictureI422_16, convert8To9Bits),
YUV(VLC_CODEC_I422_10B, CPictureI422_16, convert8To10Bits),
YUV(VLC_CODEC_I422_16B, CPictureI422_16, convert8To16Bits),
YUV(VLC_CODEC_I422_9L, CPictureI422_16, convert8To9Bits),
YUV(VLC_CODEC_I422_10L, CPictureI422_16, convert8To10Bits),
YUV(VLC_CODEC_I422_16L, CPictureI422_16, convert8To16Bits),
YUV(VLC_CODEC_J444, CPictureI444_8, convertNone),
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