Commit fd0cdccc authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré

DM: Use built-in priority for known codecs

Not every dailymotion video is available in vp6
parent f38c4189
......@@ -42,22 +42,33 @@ function parse()
and resolutions:
Not everybody can decode HD, not everybody has a 80x60 screen,
H264/MP4 is buggy , so i choose VP6
H264/MP4 is buggy , so i choose VP6 as the highest priority
Ideally, VLC would propose the different streams available, codecs
and resolutions (the resolutions are part of the URL)
For now we just built a list of preferred codecs : lowest value
means highest priority
local pref = { ["vp6"]=0, ["spark"]=1, ["h264"]=2, ["vp6-hd"]=3, ["spark-mini"]=4 }
local available = {}
for n in string.gmatch(videos, "[^|]+") do
i = string.find(n, "@@")
if i then
video = string.sub( n, 0, i - 1)
codec = string.sub( n, i + 2 )
if video and codec and string.match(codec, "vp6") then
path = "" .. video
available[string.sub(n, i+2)] = string.sub(n, 0, i-1)
local score = 666
local bestcodec
for codec,_ in pairs(available) do
if pref[codec] < score then
bestcodec = codec
score = pref[codec]
if bestcodec then
path = "" .. available[bestcodec]
if string.match( line, "<meta name=\"description\"" )
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