Commit f7c5ce41 authored by Duncan Salerno's avatar Duncan Salerno Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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URI of HLS key can be relative, just like other URIs in the M3U8 file

Signed-off-by: Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatarJean-Baptiste Kempf <>
parent 0c1f44e8
......@@ -775,7 +775,7 @@ static int parse_Key(stream_t *s, hls_stream_t *hls, char *p_read)
if (end != NULL)
*end = 0;
hls->psz_current_key_path = strdup(uri);
hls->psz_current_key_path = relative_URI(hls->url, uri);
value = iv = parse_Attributes(p_read, "IV");
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