Commit f324714a authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne

Merge the final 0.8.6i notes

parent f71d55dd
......@@ -249,6 +249,14 @@ Changes between 0.8.6h and 0.8.6i:
Security updates:
* Fixed integer overflow in WAV demuxer (CVE-2008-2430)
Various bugfixes:
* Fixed option to use shared memory within the GLX video output module
* Improved galaktos-based audio visualizations on FreeBSD
* Miscellaneous bugfixes in multiple modules and in libvlc
(transcode stream output, OSD menu video filter, VCD input,
SAP services discovery, http control interface)
* Updated Polish translation
Changes between 0.8.6g and 0.8.6h:
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