Commit f18b314b authored by Pierre Ynard's avatar Pierre Ynard
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youtube.lua: support WebM formats

We parse the additional HTML5 section too, the only place where the
WebM formats are listed. If the URL contains "&html5=True", the WebM
formats are preferred, when available.
parent 312d9c3f
......@@ -100,6 +100,21 @@ function parse()
-- Also available on non-HTML5 pages: var swfHTML = (isIE) ? "<object [...]><param name=\"flashvars\" value=\" [...] &video_id=OHVvVmUNBFc [...] &t=OEgsToPDskK3zO44y0QN8Fr5ZSAZwCQp [...]
elseif string.match( line, "swfHTML" ) and string.match( line, "video_id" ) then
_,_,t = string.find( line, "&t=(.-)&" )
-- Also available in HTML5 pages: videoPlayer.setAvailableFormat("", "video/webm; codecs=&quot;vp8.0, vorbis&quot;", "hd720");
elseif string.match( line, "videoPlayer%.setAvailableFormat" ) then
url,itag = string.match( line, "videoPlayer%.setAvailableFormat%(\"(.-itag=(%d+).-)\",.+%)" )
if url then
-- For now, WebM formats are listed only in the HTML5
-- section, that is also only when HTML5 is enabled.
-- Format 45 is 720p, and 43 is lower resolution.
if tonumber( itag ) == 45 or ( tonumber( itag ) == 43 and not webm_path ) then
webm_path = url
-- Grab something if fmt_url_map failed
if not path and ( not fmt or tonumber( itag ) == tonumber( fmt ) ) then
path = url
if name and description and artist --[[and video_id]] then break end
......@@ -109,6 +124,14 @@ function parse()
arturl = get_arturl( vlc.path, video_id )
if not fmt then
-- Prefer WebM formats if this is an &html5=True URL
html5 = get_url_param( vlc.path, "html5" )
if html5 == "True" and webm_path then
path = webm_path
if not path then
if not base_yt_url then
base_yt_url = ""
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