Commit ef1cc5c1 authored by Christophe Massiot's avatar Christophe Massiot
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* extras/contrib/src/Makefile: Fixed opendaap installation.

parent f130146e
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ ifdef HAVE_DARWIN_OS
.a52 .mpeg2 .id3tag .mad .ogg .vorbis .vorbisenc .x264 .theora \
.FLAC .speex .shout .faad .faac .lame .twolame .ebml .matroska .ffmpeg .openslp \
.dvdcss .dvdread .dvdnav .dvbpsi .live .goom2k4 .caca .mod \
.png .gpg-error .gcrypt .gnutls .daap .cddb .cdio .vcdimager .SDL_image \
.png .gpg-error .gcrypt .gnutls .opendaap .cddb .cdio .vcdimager .SDL_image \
.glib .libidl .gecko .aclocal
# .mozilla will build an entire mozilla. it can be used if we need to create a new .gecko package
......@@ -759,11 +759,17 @@ DISTCLEAN_PKG += openslp-$(OPENSLP_VERSION).tar.gz
# libdvdcss
# ***************************************************************************
ifdef SVN
$(SVN) co svn:// libdvdcss
cd $@ && sh bootstrap
libdvdcss: libdvdcss-$(LIBDVDCSS_VERSION).tar.gz
.dvdcss: libdvdcss
(cd $<; ./configure $(HOSTCONF) --prefix=$(PREFIX) && make && make install)
......@@ -1187,12 +1193,12 @@ libopendaap: libopendaap-$(DAAP_VERSION).tar.bz2
patch -p 0 < Patches/daap.patch
.daap: libopendaap
.opendaap: libopendaap
(cd $<; ./configure --prefix=$(PREFIX) CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS) -D_BSD_SOCKLEN_T_=int" && make install)
touch $@
CLEAN_FILE += .daap
CLEAN_FILE += .opendaap
CLEAN_PKG += libopendaap
DISTCLEAN_PKG += libopendaap-$(DAAP_VERSION).tar.bz2
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