Commit ebe12068 authored by Cyril Deguet's avatar Cyril Deguet
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* httpd.c: added missing dummy functions

parent e7699bc1
......@@ -2645,6 +2645,17 @@ httpd_file_t *httpd_FileNew( httpd_host_t *a, char *b, char *c, char *d,
char *e, httpd_file_callback_t f,
httpd_file_sys_t *g ){ return 0; }
httpd_handler_t *httpd_HandlerNew( httpd_host_t *host, const char *psz_url,
const char *psz_user,
const char *psz_password,
const vlc_acl_t *p_acl,
httpd_handler_callback_t pf_fill,
httpd_handler_sys_t *p_sys )
return NULL;
void httpd_HandlerDelete( httpd_handler_t *handler ) {}
void httpd_RedirectDelete( httpd_redirect_t *a ){}
httpd_redirect_t *httpd_RedirectNew( httpd_host_t *a,
char *b, char *c ){ return 0; }
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