Commit e996b4b4 authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne

extras/package: fixed package script for OS X

parent f5957ea5
......@@ -66,8 +66,6 @@ package-macosx:
cd $(srcdir); cp AUTHORS COPYING README THANKS NEWS $(abs_top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)/Goodies/
cp -R $(srcdir)/extras/package/macosx/ $(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)/Goodies/Delete\ VLC\
cp $(srcdir)/extras/package/macosx/README.MacOSX.rtf $(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)/Read\ Me.rtf
mkdir -p $(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)/.background/
cp $(srcdir)/extras/package/macosx/Resources/about_bg.png $(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)/.background/background.png
$(LN_S) -f /Applications $(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)/
rm -f "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)-rw.dmg"
hdiutil create -verbose -srcfolder "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)" "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)-rw.dmg" -scrub -format UDRW
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