Commit e82b763a authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞
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demux ts: fix EITConvertToUTF8 to deal with no longer broken providers

(fix #7537)
parent ebea6779
......@@ -2498,6 +2498,13 @@ static char *EITConvertToUTF8( const unsigned char *psz_instring,
size_t i_length,
bool b_broken )
/* Deal with no longer broken providers (no switch byte
but sending ISO_8859-1 instead of ISO_6937) without
removing them from the broken providers table
(keep the entry for correctly handling recorded TS).
b_broken = b_broken && i_length && *psz_instring > 0x20;
if( b_broken )
return FromCharset( "ISO_8859-1", psz_instring, i_length );
return vlc_from_EIT( psz_instring, i_length );
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