Commit e6dfd01f authored by David's avatar David
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macosx: do not start same input item twice of startup

For playlist-autostart, PLAYLIST_PLAY is used now which does not restart
the current item if there is already one running.

This avoids restart of the same item in a quick succession, and thus
workarounds the issue described in refs #11488.
parent a303b782
......@@ -773,12 +773,14 @@ static VLCMain *_o_sharedMainInstance = nil;
[o_mainwindow updateTimeSlider];
[o_mainwindow updateVolumeSlider];
// respect playlist-autostart
// note that PLAYLIST_PLAY will not stop any playback if already started
playlist_t * p_playlist = pl_Get(VLCIntf);
BOOL kidsAround = p_playlist->p_local_category->i_children != 0;
if (kidsAround && var_GetBool(p_playlist, "playlist-autostart"))
[[self playlist] playItem:nil];
playlist_Control(p_playlist, PLAYLIST_PLAY, true);
/* don't allow a double termination call. If the user has
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