Commit e378e077 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

revision: work around JVLC tag pollution

Still plain git-describe is not fixed/fixable, which is hugely annoying
(I use it a lot).
parent de149843
......@@ -511,14 +511,14 @@ revision.c: revision.txt
echo "const char psz_vlc_changeset[] = \"$$(cat revision.txt)\";" \
> revision.c
$(MAKE) stamp-revision
touch revision.txt
rm -f -- revision.tmp
(git --git-dir="$(top_srcdir)/.git/" describe --tags --long \
--always || echo exported) > revision.tmp
--match '?.*.*' --always || echo exported) > revision.tmp
if diff revision.tmp revision.txt >/dev/null; then \
rm -f -- revision.tmp; \
else \
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