hotkeys.c: Print a warning and do nothing when something issues a 0

keyevent, rather than execute the last unassigned key action. Fixes an
issue that causes the playback to be unintenionally paused whenever a
modifier is pressed and the qt4 interface has focus (key-pause is not
assigned by default)
parent e1b1fc71
......@@ -750,6 +750,11 @@ static int KeyEvent( vlc_object_t *p_this, char const *psz_var,
vlc_value_t oldval, vlc_value_t newval, void *p_data )
intf_thread_t *p_intf = (intf_thread_t *)p_data;
if ( !newval.i_int )
msg_Warn( p_this, "Received invalid key event %d", newval.i_int );
vlc_mutex_lock( &p_intf->p_sys->change_lock );
if ( p_intf->p_sys->i_size == BUFFER_SIZE )
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