Commit e188f8af authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

Revert "hxxx_nal: add nal to rbsp conversion helpers"

Probably will never be used as ep3b->rbsp conversion
is made useless now.

This reverts commit 4bdb1e99.
parent 74f42241
......@@ -101,21 +101,4 @@ static inline uint8_t * hxxx_ep3b_to_rbsp(const uint8_t *p_src, size_t i_src, si
return p_dst;
static inline uint8_t * hxxx_AnnexB_NAL_to_rbsp(const uint8_t *p_src, size_t i_src, size_t *pi_ret)
if(!hxxx_strip_AnnexB_startcode(&p_src, &i_src))
return NULL;
return hxxx_ep3b_to_rbsp(p_src, i_src, pi_ret);
static inline uint8_t * hxxx_xvc1_NAL_to_rbsp(const uint8_t *p_src, size_t i_src,
uint8_t i_nal_length_size, size_t *pi_ret)
if(i_src < i_nal_length_size)
return NULL;
p_src += i_nal_length_size;
i_src -= i_nal_length_size;
return hxxx_ep3b_to_rbsp(p_src, i_src, pi_ret);
#endif // HXXX_NAL_H
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