Commit e0e010a8 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

display: reroute and deprecate close event

In general, the window provider must be involved in the windowing
system closing protocol, so sending the event from the display is not
very sane.

(Note however that the event currently does nothing either way.)
parent 7081a67d
......@@ -320,9 +320,11 @@ static inline void vout_display_SendEventPicturesInvalid(vout_display_t *vd)
VLC_DEPRECATED /* Use vout_window_ReportClose() in window provider instead. */
static inline void vout_display_SendEventClose(vout_display_t *vd)
vout_display_SendEvent(vd, VOUT_DISPLAY_EVENT_CLOSE);
#if defined(_WIN32) || defined(__OS2__)
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