Commit dff1b4fb authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

xdg-shell: postpone setting fullscreen

...until after the event thread is started.
There are no points in making a special case here.

Note: Some window manager may not handle a window going fullscreen at
first correctly, failing to set the correct size.
parent 902dd36b
......@@ -559,15 +559,11 @@ static int Open(vout_window_t *wnd, const vout_window_cfg_t *cfg)
wnd->display.wl = display;
wnd->control = Control;
if (cfg->is_fullscreen)
vout_window_SetFullScreen(wnd, NULL);
sys->fullscreen = true;
if (vlc_clone(&sys->thread, Thread, wnd, VLC_THREAD_PRIORITY_LOW))
goto error;
if (cfg->is_fullscreen)
vout_window_SetFullScreen(wnd, NULL);
if (sys->unstable)
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